Offsite Records Storage

Businesses look to a offsite records storage company for many reasons. The primary one is to save money on office space. Real estate is expensive and many offices don't have the space to save all the records they require. It makes little sense to have an oversized office just to house documents.

However, there are many reasons how a records storage company can help your business. We are experts in the laws that govern the retention of your documents.  Let us help you navigate the ever changing legal landscape.

We also have rooms specially designed to maintain records. This starts with automated systems that allow us to quickly retrieve any document and deliver it to you. We also have security that would prevent any unauthorized access to your information. Record storage centers have fire suppression systems designed to prevent fires and put them out without damaging paper. Lastly, there is moisture and temperature controls that prolong the life of paper.

We index your files and can bring them to you anytime they are required. Our facilities are designed to store documents, medical files, legal files, hard drives, microfilm and microfiche.

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