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Off Site Document Storage in Philadelphia

Off Site Document Storage in Philadelphia

We specialize in elevating the operational efficiency of your Philadelphia-based business through strategic off-site document storage solutions and meticulous retention plan oversight. Leveraging cutting-edge off-site document storage facilities in the Philadelphia area or transferring to digital formats, we enable your business to reclaim valuable office space while ensuring the utmost security and integrity of your data.

Our comprehensive approach guarantees the secure off-site storage of your documents, fostering a more organized and streamlined workspace within your Philadelphia office. Whether you opt for a secure storage facility in the Philadelphia metropolitan area or choose the path of digital transformation, our services are crafted to amplify operational efficiency, simplify document retrieval, and uphold the highest standards of data security. Enjoy the advantages of a decluttered office environment while maintaining the assurance that your critical business information is safeguarded and readily accessible whenever needed.

secure document storage solutions near you with our scanning, storage, and management partners near you

Document Storage Considerations

Philadelphia Document Scanning will help you free up valuable office space and enhance the productivity of the employees who maintain your documents.

Access Control

secure document storage solutions near you with our scanning, storage, and management partners near you

Our secure local document storage facilities only allow individuals with proper authorization to access and retrieve stored files, making it an ideal solution for securing confidential files, personnel records, and important files related to your business.

Climate-Controlled Document Storage in Philadelphia

We provide temperature and humidity-controlled storage. The storage area has a backup power source, ensuring that the temperature and humidity are maintained even during a power outage. Documents and items we provide storage for include:

Magnetic Tapes

Off-Site Document Storage Services in Philadelphia

Legal Compliance in Pennsylvania

Document retention policies, along with document storage programs, can help you decide which files to keep and for how long as well as deciding how to dispose of records after they are no longer needed.

Disaster Protection & Planning

Major catastrophes can destroy years of important business documents. At Philadelphia Document Scanning, we help to prevent the destruction of your critical records by developing a document management plan for disasters and storing them at secure Pennsylvania facilities.

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Philadelphia Document Scanning offers document storage and retrieval services throughout Pennsylvania. To get free quotes for your project, fill out the form or give us a call at (215) 970-7226 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is document storage, and why do I need it in Philadelphia?

Document storage in Philadelphia involves the secure storage of physical or digital documents in a dedicated facility. The primary objectives are to optimize office space, improve organizational efficiency, and ensure the security of documents. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with a significant volume of paperwork, offering an effective solution for managing and accessing documents.

Is document storage cost-effective in Philadelphia?

Yes, document storage is often a cost-effective alternative to maintaining in-house storage solutions in Philadelphia. It allows businesses to utilize office space more efficiently and reduces the administrative burden associated with managing large volumes of documents. The scalable nature of these services ensures that you only pay for the storage capacity you actually need.

How Much Does Document Storage Cost in the Philadelphia Area?

At Philadelphia Document Scanning, document storage services typically cost anywhere from 50–95 cents per box, per month. The pricing varies based on the size of your project and factors such as the type of documents, pickup and preparation work, and any additional security measures or document management solutions tailored to your business. For accurate pricing, give us a call, and we can connect you to a provider for a precise quote on your project.

Can I store confidential or sensitive information in Philadelphia?

Absolutely. Document storage providers in Philadelphia are well-equipped to handle confidential and sensitive information. Strict security measures are implemented to ensure the privacy and integrity of your documents throughout the storage process.

How do I access my stored documents in Philadelphia?

Accessing your stored documents in Philadelphia is typically straightforward. For physical documents, a retrieval request process is usually in place, and many services offer scan-on-demand options. Digital documents are often accessible through secure online platforms, utilizing user-specific login credentials.

What types of documents can be stored in Philadelphia?

Document storage services in Philadelphia cater to a wide range of documents, including legal papers, financial records, employee files, medical records, and more. Both physical and digital formats can be stored, offering flexibility tailored to your business needs.